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I will love you better now

Plot Twist: girl at home is about Ed.

Anonymous asked: "In your opinion, what are the most important life and love (two separate categories) advice that Taylor gives in her lyrics?"

"Don’t forget to look before you fall" relevant for any situation/relationship, life, work, school, rock climbing, etc.’its a line that hit me hard the first time I heard it and has been hitting me hard ever since.

Also, in general the song Fifteen has the best life advice. When it came out, I was almost seventeen, but it’s still be so relevant to my life and what I need and I’ve always said the advice in that song isn’t just for when you’re fifteen but for always. The line I said first and “Time can heal most anything” are ones that will just replay in your head for the rest of your life.

But then on the same time, 22 has advice and most people ignore that song as having anything as substance. The line “everything will be alright if you keep me next to you” from the first time I heard it at the age of 21, almost turning 22, knowing that stuff isn’t always okay. Stuff isn’t always great in your life or in love, but as long as you have someone by you - be it your mom, your cat, skype open with a friend on the other side of the world, or a person who’s been there for you through it all, it makes everything a little bit better when you aren’t alone, when you have someone there to help you get through, when you have someone there to make you laugh when you feel like you can’t. And trust me, at your lowest lows in your early 20s someone else being 20, 21, 22, 23, etc is feeling the same exact thing and you aren’t ever alone in how you feel. So maybe now for me that advice is my favorite from Taylor, it’s hidden advice.

y’all should talk to me and ask me questions…..working on writing but the last time you asked me questions i really enjoyed it :)

you will get a chapter of 19 you + me this week and a one shot i promise.

i know i suck but I’m working on it okay? okay.

19 You + Me (1)

"It was hot, so we jumped in"

Wattpad link. See previous posts for song and prologue. Inspired by the Dan + Shay song. This is the first chapter, new one every Monday all summer long. Feedback appreciated. :)

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Track Title: 19 You + Me

Artist: Dan + Shay


19 You + Me - Dan + Shay debut album 'Where It All Began' now available on iTunes HERE!

19, You and Me (preview)


Inspired by the wonderful, amazing, and absolutely perfect song by Dan + Shay, 19, You + Me. Watch the video for it here. I’m basically obsessed with Dan + Shay, get their album as it’s one of the best I’ve heard from a debut artist. They’re currently on tour with Mr. Hunter Hayes. Like, they did EVERYTHING for the album, wrote it all and then some. 

Listening to the song will REALLY help you get the inspiration for this mini-fic, so go DO IT. Here’s a great acoustic if you aren’t into music videos. 

I have most of it written but won’t post it all until it’s done. Listen to the song, I’m basically bringing it to life by way of Sweeran. It’s AU, they’re 19 and just out of their first year of college, neither of them are famous. It’s told from Ed’s POV.

Here’s a preview, let me know what you think about the song, and about this little preview you get now.  :) Love you guys! Go back and read the post a few back about updates, I’d appreciate it. :) 

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Chapter 1 will be posted shortly, so you may want to refresh your memory.

I don’t want to lose him and the only way I can not lose him and hang out with him my whole life is to not date him.

I’ve been writing in 3rd person for so long now that i forgot how to write first person help.

Come On Baby With Me has 2.5k reads on watt pad. Excuse me while I cry cuz I never thought that’d be possible ever. 

Thank the beauty that is summer and go read this as her writing from last summer is the reason I’m writing so yeah. Go. Go. Go. Read it. :D 



friends just sleep in another bed..

And friends shouldn’t kiss me like you do..


friends just sleep in another bed..

And friends shouldn’t kiss me like you do..

back from the beach. bf is on call so i’m all alone. maybe i’ll write. idk.

shipping-sweeran asked: "I've had my blog for about a year (or more) now too! Idk I like everything you post cause your so insightful on sweeran, it'd be hard to pick one thing."

i just saw this now because I suck but you’re awesome and thank you for sticking with me. :)