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I will love you better now

Had a dream that sweeran did a thing for my birthday. (Tomorrow)

Anonymous asked: "Actually…I think 4222 is good…and I like Sweeran one shot a lot…(*¯︶¯*)haha keep on going!"

Thank you!!! 


this will forever be the best sweeran moment in history


Does anyone know the song 19 you and me by dan + shay? Thinking maybe something inspired by that soon.

Anonymous asked: "Looking forward to an update of something always brings me back to you. The one shot you just posted was so adorable :)"

I will try to work on that one next, probably will update that one next, then come on baby and then back to oneshots. I am going to try and tie up come on baby and then finish that one.

also, thank you!! :) 

Anonymous asked: "Your last one shot was interesting! Could you write a Sweeran anniversary one shot?"

Assuming you mean 4,222? Interesting good or interesting bad.

And done!

Girl, If I’m Crazy, I’m Only Crazy About You.

She pulled the fan-made gifted quilt from last nights show tighter to her in the cool air conditioning of the hotel room. She had a show tonight, usually the place that she wanted to be the most - they were at Gillette Stadium tonight and it was the first one that she had headlined by herself so many years ago - infamous for a rainy show on every tour since, and where she met her in-laws for the first time on the RED tour. 

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sweeran + touch

sweeran + touch

Anonymous asked: "First date? First kiss?"

First kiss = Done.

Everything We Wanted It To Be (drabble)

It didn’t come like she thought it would. She lost track about the amount of times she day dreamed about this moment. She looked down at the ground and folded her lips inside her mouth and licked them quickly, then smiled back at him. Her cheeks felt warm, and knowing that he was also beat red across from her that he was also feeling the same. She was glad it finally happened, but also unsure of what to do next. His hands were still grasping her arms just above her elbows, he hadn’t even held her hand yet.  

He regretted it immediately. She was different, he knew that of course he did. And it was too quick, their lips barely touching before he pulled away - and why did he do this now?  She had just arrived to visit for the weekend - a new tan and twenty-four and fresh full of Aussie air. They hadn’t even made it in the door, her bags sitting next to them on the floor, she put them down and embraced him like she always had. When she pulled away, he grabbed her arms awkwardly and just kissed her. 

“Uhm, well, hello Taylor.” He said, their eyes meeting once again.

“Hey,” She smiled and wrapped her arms around his neck. “Ed —”

He cut her off and took a step back, then turned. She followed him into the kitchen, “Taylor, I - uh, that deserved better timing.” 

“Shh, Ed, stop it and come here.” She smiled and wrapped her arms around him again. “Kiss me, Ed.”

He brushed back the hair from her face, tucking it behind her ears. He brushed a thumb lightly across her cheekbone and held her face in his calloused hands. Her bright eyes staring back into his were the last he saw before his lips met hers, gently, then with pressure - her hands twisting up into his hair and smiling into the kiss. She opened her mouth to his and let his tongue tangle with hers. When they finally parted, she wasn’t sure how long it was but it was perfect. Within seconds, she was kissing him again - without any hesitation or fear of what could happen with this new thing with her best friend.

I might do a bunch of shorter one shots. Just like a page or two on word and not like 6 pages like I usually aim for. :)

For real, guys - ideas?

Anonymous asked: "Do you have a link that works for my phone?"

I believe this is it. Also, one here.

Anonymous asked: "Can you write one where Taylor and Ed adopt at toddler?"

I wrote adoption awhile back. Check my oneshots list. :)

Anonymous asked: "The cancer one makes me sad. Maybe a oneshot?"

It makes me sad too, but I’m really invested in it and don’t want to just stop. I want closure for that one. I also have the other one, the Something Always Brings Me Back To You but I haven’t written for that in forever.